RCS Haven

Another Russian Club has recently opened at Caddar Primary School

The Russian Centre in Scotland ‘Haven’ supported by Scottish Russian Forum and Glasgow City Council continues to expand the number of Scottish schools providing their students with an opportunity to acquaint children with the introduction and the essentials of Russian culture and the Russian language.

Another Russian Club has recently opened at Cadder Primary School. Pupils  from P5 and P6 came to the first lesson which took place on February 2.

The Russian Club creates a friendly, relaxed but at the same time competitive, fun and entertaining atmosphere. Kids are listening to and reading Russian fairy tales, playing games, singing Russian songs, performing short plays and getting genuine Russian presents.

The work of The Club shows that acquaintance with the Russian language can be fun and fascinating.

If children from other Scottish schools like to get introduced to Russian culture and its language, please, let us know, and we would be more than happy to provide you with the ‘taster’ classes and we will try to include this school in our programme.