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The author's copy of the book "Orange Soup" is in the Russian Centre's library

 "Orange Soup" is a story where the protagonist is a family.

The author, Vera Mir,  shared her thoughts on how it is possible to live harmoniously despite being surrounded by instability and ambiguity. Repairing a relationship is possible at any stage. Family, according to the author, is not simply people coexisting but a kind of sacred unity.

The work of  Vera Mir occupies a special place: it is located at the intersection of fiction literature, psychology and philosophy.
The book will be undoubtedly interesting to a wide audience, including children and adolescents.
There is no electronic version of "Orange Soup".
The book is available in central Moscow bookstores, online stores OZON, Labyrinth and others.
To order: The Publishing House Book Club Knigovek (formerly Terra): (https://www.knigovek.ru/ru/3340--.html)