RCS Haven

 Welcome to the Russian Centre in Scotland "Haven"

The Centre was set up in 2004 and is based at 11 Duke Street, Glasgow.
The office is used to provide consultations in law, finance and other aspects of work and business in Russia and Britain. 
It seeks to promote closer ties between our countries.
Also, The Centre provides a range of services to members of the Russian speaking and wider communities.
The services provided include:
  • English language training for those with poor English skills
  • Russian speaking courses for children of Russian speakers and other interested parties
  • IT and other training and advice to service users to assist them in gaining employment
  • Support in relation to social problems
  • Provision of services to those in financial and social hardship
  • Russian language library services for all members of the community
  • Development of cultural links between Scotland and the former USSR
  • Provision of information on Russian culture
  • Consulting and introduction into the Russian market
RCS Haven is welcoming anyone who is interested in studying Russian language,  culture and doing business in Russia.