Наши Вакансии

RCS Haven приглашает к сотрудничеству:

Преподавателей с различными компетенциями и квалификацией, которые способны обеспечить учебный процесс для детей или предложить курсы и тренинги для взрослых, как в самом Центре, так и в его субботней школе.

В настоящее время мы ищем:

  • Преподавателя английского языка
  • Преподавателя арабского языка
  • Преподавателя русского языка для двуязычных детей

Также мы приглашаем волонтеров для работы в офисе и библиотеке.

Вы можете отправить свое резюме по адресу [email protected]



Требуются волонтеры:



About Opportunity
We need help with general administrative duties including, letter writing, word processing, IT and any other tasks. Volunteers will answer the phone and help clients to fill in welfare benefits forms.

Web Development Specialist
About Opportunity
We need help to maintain and improve the charity’s website, with a particular emphasis on increasing our online visibility through search engine optimisation techniques. You will need good knowledge of web programming languages, such as HTML & PHP. You should also have an understanding of how popular search engines (e.g. Google and Bing) rank the results of web searches, and be able to exploit this in order to improve our website's ranking. Russian language skills are not necessary for this role, as you will be working on our English language pages. You may also occasionally perform general IT duties in our office. This is a fantastic opportunity for volunteers looking to gain experience of using their web development and IT skills in a professional environment. This could provide an excellent addition to your CV, and improve your employability in these industries.

About Opportunity
We require someone to assist us with funding bids. We are beginning to undertake research to show the ongoing needs of the client groups who use our centres. You will need to have experience of writing and securing funding for community projects. Your ideas and experience can help the management committee of the centre to achieve its aims. You will need to have computer skills and know how to access funding streams.

English Teacher
About Opportunity
This opportunity is ideal for someone who has newly qualified in ESOL or TEFL. The group is made up of Glasgow residents, some of whom do not have English as their first language. We are looking for someone with patience and a pleasant attitude, who enjoys a challenge and likes being around people.

Business Adviser/Coach
About Opportunity
This opportunity would suit anyone seeking to develop their own skills, and broaden their knowledge by gaining an overview of how a business functions and the relationship between the different parts. Advisors need enthusiasm, commitment, and a willingness to share their knowledge and skills with a group of young people.

Social Researchers
About Opportunity
Volunteers will be required to assist the Project Co-ordinator to conduct social research that is being conducted on behalf of the Centre. The research will be used to show the gaps in services for people who do not have English as a first language. It will also show the services that are available in the area and across the UK.

About Opportunity
Money, benefits advice, Representation at social fund reviews, disability and social security appeals, interview clients, negotiate via the telephone, complete case write ups, research information.

Volunteer Advocate
About Opportunity
Advocates provide advice and assistance to members of RCS Haven, helping them to deal with official bodies, outlining their rights and on occasion, accompanying them to meetings with these bodies. Duties include:- Attending RCS Haven open meetings and answering questions, Acting as an advocate for RCS Haven to official bodies where required, Assisting our members to fill out forms, understand their rights etc. In some instances this is a counselling role and requires patience and good people skills.