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Russian classes – 2017 - 2018
Level 1: Russian for absolute beginners. 
(Russian Language for Life and Work, SQA Award Levels 3&4)
Level description: 
This class is for those who have no knowledge of Russian. The focus is on communication, understanding spoken Russian and speaking the language in various everyday situations.
At the same time, the course is explained in terms of language topics and grammar. 
Main Topics: 
1. Cyrillic alphabet, reading and writing. 
2. Introducing yourself to someone and giving some basic information about your occupation and your 
3. Airport: some basic questions and answers associated with travel and arriving. 
4. The street: some basic questions to find your way around a town. 
5. Where do you live? 
6. Where were you? Speaking about what you were doing in the past and where. 
7. Numbers 0 – 100. 
Main Grammar Points: 
• The gender of nouns: masculine, feminine and neuter 
 Personal pronouns 
• Conjugation of verbs in present 
 The basic rules of the past tense of verbs. 
• Conjugation of verbs in the past tense according the gender of pronouns and 
• The Prepositional case. The prepositions “в” and “на” that take the prepositional case 
• Adjectives in the nominative case. 
• The Accusative case. 

Level 2: Pre-Intermediate.  Textbook 5 Elements B1. 

Level description: 
This class is for those who have a basic knowledge of Russian, perhaps have studied it at school a long 
time ago, or at different evening classes, or have spent time studying or staying in the country, are able to 
communicate in short conversations on familiar topics and understand short simple text. This class is for 
you if you just want to refresh your knowledge and develop your conversational skills. 
We develop speaking, listening, reading and writing, grammar will also be included, but the focus will be 
on the practical use of spoken Russian. You will participate in group discussions, role-plays, games and 
study songs. By the end of the class you will be able to communicate in Russian with greater confidence 
and fluency on a wide range of everyday topics. 
Level 3: Advanced Russian Discussion Group. 
This class is for those who may have a Higher or A level, even from a while ago, or have spent time 
studying or staying in the country. You are able to communicate and conduct a conversation with a native 
speaker at a fairly high level, including topics of sport, culture, everyday life or current political relevance 
in the country of interest; and you don’t feel out of your depth if you were in the country on your own (eg 
for a short-term work contract). And you want to refresh your knowledge and maintain your language 
The focus will be on speaking and discussion, role-plays, games and study songs as well as on watching
films in Russian. The advanced class should be considered as an activity to deepen and broaden your 
knowledge of the language and culture. As a result, you could take this course several years in a row,
and learn lots of new things every time without feeling you were simply going over facts you already