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The Russian School at RCS Haven in Glasgow

We welcome everyone who wants their children to learn the Russian language.
RCS Haven is the only accredited independent centre in Glasgow which hosts and organises the following standardised exams:
  • GCSE
  • GCE A Level
We also prepares students for Russian language tests and the following standardised exams:
  • Russian for Work Purposes and for Life (Level 3,4)
  • GCSE Russian
  • GCE A Level Russian
What we offer:
- Official Russian exams in Glasgow without having to contact any other schools or travel to other cities
- Specially qualified teachers with a wealth of Russian teaching experience. Our teachers always have access to the latest educational materials and are always happy to answer any questions
- Courses which are regularly checked and confirmed by Pearson EDEXCEL and SQA inspectors. 
For more detailed information on course enrolment and registration for tests and exams, please email us at [email protected]  or [email protected].
The Russian School at RCS Haven in Glasgow was opened at the Russian Centre in Scotland in 2005. 
In the current school year, lessons for all classes except the youngest take place between 11.00 and 2.00pm on Saturdays at - Adelphi Centre, 12 Commercial Road, Glasgow G5 0PQ.
This centre has provided us both with classrooms for teaching and a comfortable place for parents to wait while the lessons are in progress.



The programme is fixed for the first two hours, while for the third hour the child stays in the school but may choose the class to attend.

The classes to choose from are art, drama and chess.

Students are split into several groups by age and ability, with classes for those who have a little knowledge of Russian, and those who are studying it as a foreign language.


The school’s main objective is the study of the Russian language, however, there are also art , drama  and chess classes, all delivered in Russian.


All teachers at the school are qualified in childhood education, and use play and interaction to aid the development of educational achievement.


There are a limited number of places and it is advisable to reserve a place for your child in writing to the address below, by telephone on 0141 552 2144 or by e-mail at: [email protected]