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Playwright  Sir Tom Stoppard will present Petition No. 1395 (for targeted funding for lesser  taught languages and cultures) to the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 20th  September at 2 pm.


Sir Tom  will be available to talk to the media on 20th September from 1pm in front of  the Scottish parliament building in Edinburgh.

The  petition seeks ring-fenced funding for strategically important, yet vulnerable  modern languages and cultures, such as Russian, Czech and Polish, at Scottish  universities.

The  petition was signed by more than 3,000 people and received considerable  international support.

Targeted  funding formerly existed in Scotland under the Strategically Important and  Vulnerable Languages Initiative. Such funding still exists in England (see  editor’s notes).

Scotland  has always been proud of her broad educational tradition. This rich heritage  should be sustained by supporting rather than shrinking the existing provision  of languages offered at Scottish universities.

Russian,  Czech and Polish studies are particularly vulnerable. To lose these  strategically important subjects would be an economical, cultural and political  tragedy, at a time when Scotland seeks to strengthen its ties with central and  eastern Europe.

For  further information, please contact:

Hugh  McMahon, former MEP, who will present the petition along with Tom  Stoppard

0141 889  0885 (h)

07767 811  700 (m)

Amy  Mackinnon, senior honours student of Russian at Glasgow University

07928 544  534

Dr Mary  Heimann, Reader in History, University of Strathclyde

0141 946  7406 (h)