RCS Haven

The Concert of "Russkaya Cappella"

This concert takes place on St Andrew’s Day.
St Andrew is honoured by all the Christian churches, and is the patron saint of Scotland, and one of Russia’s patron saints – the protector in particular of the Russian navy.
The concert programme contains sacred music celebrating St Andrew as well as music by some of Russia’s classic composers – Tchaikovsky and Taneyev – and Russian folksongs.
2011 marks the 70th anniversary of the start of the Arctic convoys which delivered vital supplies to the USSR and allied countries during the Second World War. Between 1941 and 1945 sailors of the British, Canadian, Soviet and US navies ran the gauntlet of extreme weather, dangerous seas and enemy action on journeys between Iceland or Scotland and Murmansk or Archangel. Thousands of sailors perished on these most dangerous voyages.
In their honour ‘Eternal memory’ will be sung within the concert.
30 November, Wednesday, at 7:30 St Aloysius' Church, 25 Rose Str., Garnethill, Glasgow. G3 6RE
Tickets: £5