RCS Haven

The author Vladimir Bern presented his book «European blues» to library of Russian centre Haven

In his novel the author takes the reader to the time when the European borders were just opened, and many people went abroad to look for their dreams.

Reading the adventures of the main charachter, who joined the flow of the migrant workers with a guitar and 60 pounds in his pocket, you unwittingly compare his story to many other stories of immigrants, and the remaining "survivors" who are here.

Many people have similar stories, nevertheless, the author's special perception awakens the heart and lets us look back at our life, go through it once again and think about who we are in this world, why we are here and where we are going.

Come and see this book in the library of the Russian Center Haven!
Those who are interested can order the book by mail.

Some of the chapters are published in the Телеграф.