RCS Haven

Spring update at Centre Haven and Russian school

Dear friends, we would like to greet you all with celebration of Easter.

However, although this year catholic Easter and orthodox Easter don’t fall on the same day, this day still remains a great event for everybody.

The Russian centre and school will be closed from 6 till 17th of April.

After the spring holiday, changes are expected in the school curriculum. As a result of a parent meeting which took place on 24th of March, a new strategy was developed. Blocks of lessons for different themes will be integrated into Russian lessons and developed during art and music lessons. Due to new classes opening, everybody is welcome to participate in the competition for giving names to different age groups.

There will be changes in the structure of English lessons due to a new English teacher. Kirsten is a specialist in the area of English literature. She will be working together with Duncan in the group of English lessons for adults. She will also be helping teenagers to pass English at SQA level.

See you all after spring break!