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Happy to Translate is a unique and innovative national scheme

More than 150 languages are spoken in the UK and many people speak little or no English. This can make every day tasks such as attending appointments or completing forms very stressful. Organisations are legally obliged to give you access to their information and services in your own language.
Happy to Translate is a national initiative which helps organisations to provide access to information and services by overcoming language barriers. Organisations which are members of Happy to Translate display our logo and have staff who have been trained to use tools to make it easier for you to communicate with them.
They will take you through a step by step procedure to determine which language you speak and what it is that you need. They will use a telephone interpreter to speak with you, and if necessary will make an appointment for a future meeting when an independent face to face interpreter will be present. Translation of documents can also be arranged. 
Check out our website (www.happytotranslate.com) where you will find a list of Happy to Translate Members.
Do you know someone who has difficulty communicating in English?
Does this mean they don’t get access to the information and services they need? 
If this is you, or someone you know, look for this logo:
Organisations displaying this logo are members of Happy to Translate.
Staffs at these organisations are trained to help you receive information and services in your own language.