RCS Haven

The School of Russian Centre in Scotland “Haven” is the first Russian school certified to provide SQA qualifications.

If you are thinking of a national qualification in Russian language - whether for personal and social activity, work and employment or to enter university – The School of Russian Centre in Scotland “Haven”  is the point of contact for you. We are the only Russian School certified to provide the following SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority) qualifications:

  • Access 2 and 3 Russian
  • Intermediate 1 Russian
  • Intermediate 2 Russian
  • Higher Russian

Our approach to teaching the language is flexible and creative. It depends on your level of Russian and your final goal. Our teachers will be evaluating your success, working specifically on the areas where improvement is needed, choosing and tailoring exercises to suit your needs, supporting as you progress towards your targets.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Should my child reach a certain age to sit an exam?

To be enrolled for an exam, your child needs to complete certain units. He/she can commence a programme as early as their ability allows. However, the Scottish government does not recommend entering a child for an exam qualification before he/she has reached the age of 14.

  • Could a student pass Russian Higher, which is valid as an University entrance exam, when he/she is in S4, S5 or S6?

No limits here. Even if your child is in S4 and your assessor is suggesting the student is ready to sit Russian Higher, he/she can be put through Higher and it will count.

  • Could I take Russian Higher if I did not take Intermediate?

Technically yes, but it is suggested to pass intermediate first. 

  • I am an adult, how can I obtain SQA qualification if I do not have an SQA number?

You would be able to obtain a number by contacting the SQA helpline; after this you can start training for SQA qualifications.


Our teacher's qualifications are assessed and approved by Scottish Qualifications Authority.