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BBC Radio Scotland is making a new series on migration

BBC Radio Scotland is making a new series on migration and is looking for potential contributors. We are looking for stories of people who have moved to Scotland.  We want to explore who is living in Scotland today and why people chose to move here.  

Were you made to feel welcome when you moved to Scotland?  Why did you choose to settle in Scotland?  How have you overcome language and cultural differences?  Do you feel part of your local community?  Do you embrace Scottish traditions?  Is it important to you to keep strong cultural links with Russia?  Have you decided to raise a family here? 

The areas/stories of particular interest to BBC Radio Scotland are those of people who have moved to Scotland for business, for love, or maybe even to pursue sporting endeavours. They’d like to explore these types of themes, and many more, in a conversational format so it’s important that you are a confident English speaker.

If this is something you’d be interested in taking part in we’d love to hear from you.  Please contact the producer Philip Sime at BBC Radio Scotland via email on:  [email protected] or  by telephone:  01463 720755.