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IV Russian Martial Art Festival in Scotland

This is 4th time we are running this event in Scotland. This year we will have events like - Weapons tryathlon - ARB (Army hand to hand combat) - Kettlebell lifting.

Kettlebell challenge going to have three things:
1."Push Press" 2. "Farmers Hold" 3. "Cross" 
On "Push press" Maximum lifts one change of hands allowed.
"Farmers Holds" - Maximum time of holding kettlebells
"Cross" - Maximum time of holding kettlebells 
2 minutes rest between challenges
Saturday, 2 November 2013.  10:00 until 17:00
Admission £5 - Kids Free
Hillington Park Gym
22 Earl Haig Road, G524JU Hillington, Renfrewshire, United Kingdom 
Enquiries:  Vadim Kolganov 07891651764 ( [email protected]  )