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Любителям Русского Языка

Мы с радостью сообщаем, что занятия русского языка для начинающих и продолжающих возобновят свою работу в январе.

Занятия для начинающих проводятся по понедельникам и вторникам в 17:30 и 18:00. Занятия для владеющих основами русского языка и желающих совершенствоваться студентов занятия проводятся по понедельникам в 18:30.
at 17:30
- beginners (elementary level).
We invite all beginners January 13 at 17:30
at 18:30
an advanced conversational group (intermediate - upper intermediate level; this group is focused on conversation, watching and discussing Russian films).
Class starts January 13
at 18:00
-beginners 2 (basic level)
Class starts January 14
In 2014, our school tuition fees are payable per semester only (one off payment based on the amount of £7 per lesson), as shown in the table below.
A discounted fee is available for students, PhD students, families (if two or more members of the same family take Russian lessons in RCS) based on the amount of £5 per lesson.
Payment for the semester
Payment with 10% discount if you pay once for the entire semester
Price concession
Payment with 10% discount if you pay once for the entire semester
2 semester

We would appreciate if you can make the payment before the end of January.
You can pay for the 2nd semester before January 14th and receive a 10% discount.
Занятия проходят по адресу: 11 Duke Street, Glasgow, G4 0UL. t. 0141 5522144. [email protected]