RCS Haven

RCS 'Haven' will perform Russian language lessons in three Glasgow schools

Our Centre won a grant from the twinning and international budgets of Glasgow City Council to continue teaching Russian in three Glasgow schools: All Saints Secondary, Jordanhill Secondary School and Dalmarnock Primary.

This is the third year that the Russian Club has run, and we have expanded the remit of the sessions considerably.

Whilst the Club remains oriented around Russian language and culture, we have also introduced the option for Secondary level students to study towards an SQA level Russian Language for Life qualification. 

Five students from All Saints Secondary were successfully put forward for this award during session 2013/2014. 

RCS Haven is an approved SQA centre, and passed our most recent SQA assessment (April 2014).

The overarching aim of the club remains to be to build links between Scottish and Russian culture.
We want to introduce young learners to Russian language and culture, in a relaxed and fun environment. We are also keen that secondary level learners gain tangible benefit from the sessions, and so we intend that the Languages for Life qualification will enhance students’ university, college or job applications.