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Russian Martial art Festival


Russian Martial art Festival  

Saturday 11th September 2010

   Cluarankwai  Judo club, 24 New Mill road,  Kilmarnock , KA1 3JB, UK

                                       From 12 till 18 weighing starts at 9am

           Russian fist fighting (Russian Boxing), Belt wrestling and Kettlebell lifting



Enquiries:  Vadim Kolganov  07891651764 ( [email protected]  )   Darrin Richardson 07766778863 ( [email protected])

Festivals Programme




9.00  -10.00


11.00 – 13.00

Log fighting (ROSS)

13.30 – 15.30

Fist fighting (RAFUK)

16.00 – 17.30

Belt wrestling

17.45 – 19.00

Kettlebell lifting ( clean & Jerk) Long cycle




Participants £30 , spectators £5







Log fighting – This is lots of fun. Sort of boxing whilst standing on the log (bench). Basically you must punch your opponent off the log (bench). Best out of three goes wins. You can punch head and body. Grabbing, pushing, charging, low blows (below the belt) are not allowed.

Equipment: Boxing gloves and Boxing head helmets.                                                       

3 weight categories : - 80, -90, +90





RAFUK – “Kulachni boie” – Russian Folk Style Boxing.

Don’t let the name Fist Fighting scare you put you off. It’s just a name. There are rules and protection on fighters like MMA gloves and full head guards. This type of fighting not just like boxing where one fighter can be offensive  and the other can be defensive i.e. moving away not throwing many punches , basically  being passive, saving energy, only using counters. This one is different. Both fighters must be offensive at all time. As they say “Standing to toe to toe”. Not literally of course.  To hit their opponent fighters can use fists, forearms and elbows. No clinching is allowed but you can control opponent by holding his neck or his wrist with one arm.

Rules in detail will be explained on the day.

MMA gloves and full head helmets will be supplied.

Weight categories : - 80, -90 , +90



Belt wrestling  - This is an exciting folk wrestling style. It is very popular in Russia, Ukraine , Tatarstan, Bashkortostan. The objective is to throw your opponent down on to his back without letting go of the grip of his belt and fixate him on the ground.  If he lands on to his back and both of his shoulders touch the mat the wrestler that did the throw will get total victory.  Also wrestlers can win by points. Landing on back and rolling off without fixating  - 4 points, Landing on the side – 2 points, landing on bottom -1 point, knees or stomach – 1 point. In total to win by points wrestler must have 12 points. Avoiding wrestling , being passive, stepping out of the wrestling area will result in 1st warning, Penalty , 2nd penalty , Disqualification.  

Belt wrestling , like all folk styles of wrestling , doesn’t have ground grappling and submission techniques.


Equipment: Judo Gi trousers, 1 red and 1 blue T-shirt. Belts will be provided.

Weight categories : - 70, -80 , -90 , +90




Kettlebell lifting (Clean& Jerk “Long Cycle” )

Lifting 16 kg kettlebells for 5 minutes or 24kg for 3 minutes.


                Weight categories 70kg- 85kg,   85kg – 95kg ,   +95kg


                The objective of the exercise is to lift two kettle bells up as many times as you can in the 

                 given  time.  Here is  example of “Clean & Jerk” technique:

You must “Clean & Jerk” continuously for 5 min. If you put Kettlebells down before the set time , the attempt  will come to the end and judge will stop the clock. You can rest holding kettlebells on your chest or overhead .

Kettle bells will be provided  by RMA Festival organizers .

All events are classed as amateur.

This is the first ever  such event to be held  here in Scotland and in Britain. I hope this will be an annual event every year. It is our attempt to introduce Russian Martial Art as a part of Russian cultural heritage in the framework of friendship with Great Britain.  By keeping open mind and learning and doing new things we all are getting better. Competition translated from Latin as “ Copetir” or seeking together.

                                So let’s seek together and  get better together.


Festival organiser :

Vadim Kolganov   ( Horunji  - Pushkino SKO) 


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