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VII Forum of Russian Expatriates in Great Britain

On the 21st of March London hosted the VII Forum of Russian Expatriates in Great Britain . Representatives of over 60 various organisations of Russian speaking Diaspora from most of the regions of the country gathered together alongside Russian diplomats, councillors of local London councils, journalists and cultural personalities.
The guests were addressed by the Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko who called for further consolidation of the community to strengthen its links with its historic homeland, preserve the Russian language, the national culture and traditional values. Greetings from the State Duma, Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo, Moscow Human Rights Bureau and other Russian and international bodies were announced.
A new Coordinating Council of Russian Expatriates in Great Britain was elected by the delegates of the conference chaired by Olga Bakaleets. Other members of the Coordinating Council are: - Oksana Guliy – Deputy Chair, Ramil Minullin – Treasurer, Ekaterina Chernyaeva – work with volunteers, Evgeniya Terentieva – cultural events organisation, Feodor Kuznetsov – IT support,
Nina Ivashinenko – Scotland representative, Karina Polyakova – Leeds representative, Ivan Kretov – work with young people. The Extended Coordinating Council also includes Nina Kruglikova, Irina Bormotova, Dmitriy Belitskiy, Natalia Kremen and Irina Kharlamova.

The delegates also discussed legal protection of the community and preparations for the 70th anniversary of Victory over Nazism.