RCS Haven

Changes in SQA Russian Qualifications

On the 27th of May RCS Haven will be holding the last SQA Russian Higher exam.

It will be sat by 8 students who were preparing for it for the whole last year and passing intermediate assessments. Let’s wish them luck.

To replace the SQA Higher format, two new Russian for Life and Work Awards qualifications were introduced with numerous levels of complexity, highest of which, according to their creators’ ideas, are fully comparable to the abolished exam.

RCS Haven is beginning to register students wishing to get this qualification next year.

Compared to Russian Higher, this qualification is more flexible and will allow students with various levels of preparedness to sit the exams in accordance with the level selected.

Receipt of this certificate gives extra points when applying for both college and university courses, as well as being an important element for one’s CV, proving the level of knowledge.

A 10% discount is given to students registering early – from May until end of August.