RCS Haven

New project to support parents from ethnic and cultural minorities

BEMIS and SPTC (Scottish Parent Teacher Council) are working together on a project - Gathered Together - to support parents   from ethnic and cultural minorities getting involved with their children's schools. 

They are keen to identify barriers and concerns parents have in participating in their children's education.
Each school has a Parent Teacher Council, whereby parents have the opportunity to attend regular meetings and attend to observe, and to receive information, or they can put themselves forward for a more active role within the council.
These meeting may be held around once every one or two months depending on the school.

Elaine Davis from RCS Haven would welcome any input on this from Russian speaking parents and will feed information back to BEMIS. 

The involvement in this project may provide an opportunity for parents to be a valuable education resource and collectively share concerns, while educating school staff and other parents on concerns surrounding Bilingual Education.