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Cossacks are coming to Glasgow

From 10th to 17th of August delegation of Don Cossacks are coming to Glasgow.

In May 2016, delegation of Scots visited Rostov-on-Don in order to take part in Cossack national games "Shermitsii", which took place in the capital of Don Cossacks stanitsa Starocherkasskaya.

Now, Cossacks are going to participate in Highland Games, which is going to be part of Bagpipe World Championship, which takes place in Glasgow on 13th of August.
Guests from Don will compete with Scottish athletes in the following disciplines: Fencing, Belt Wrestling and Fisticuffs.
Come and join this event, athletes will need your support.
Games start on 13th of August at 12.00. at Glasgow Green, Greendyke St, Saltmarket, Glasgow G1 5DB.