RCS Haven

End of the School Year Celebration

 RCS Haven's final concert of the year will take place on the 17th of June, where together we will celebrate the end of the academic year, enjoy the performances of our students, award certificates and gifts to the many competition winners.

The last day, at the same time, will become an opportunity to discuss future plans for the school.

Next year, the school will continue to prepare students to partake in the exams in Glasgow: ‘Russian for Life and Work’ (SQA), GCSE and GCE A-Level Russian.

Thanks to the initiative of parents of Adelphi Centre, a children's library will be open during the school's opening hours throughout the month of August.

Over the summer, our volunteers will check the stock and create a catalogue of available books.

If you have any books that you no longer need or your child has outgrown, the school would be happy to accept them as a gift to the library.

You may bring them to Adelphi-centre on Saturday 10th or 17th of June, or any day from 10.00 to 14.00 to 11 Duke Street.

Feel free to message us and we will help you deliver your books to our office.