RCS Haven

GCSE and GCE A Level exams at the Russian school of RCS Haven

On the 21’st June 2017 the examinations of the Russian language, GCE A Level were held in the United Kingdom.
For the first time, the Russian school of RCS Haven, not only prepared the students, but also organized all examinations in its premises at 11 Duke Street, Scotland Glasgow in 2017.
RCS Haven is the only Russian language training centre in Glasgow accredited for the GCSE and GCE A Level exams in the Russian language (Registration number EDEXCEL - 70233).
  • Our students took the exams in Glasgow with no need to either negotiate with any other schools or colleges, nor to travel to other cities for the exams.
  • Our teachers have passed advanced training with regular participation in seminars and webinars as well as having access to the latest teaching and methodological materials.
  • The quality and skills of teaching in our centre is regularly checked and confirmed by Pearson EDEXCEL and SQA inspectors.
We invite and welcome all to take GCSE and GCE A Level exams in Russian. Registration opens on July 20, 2017.

You can get detailed information by contacting us either via e-mail at [email protected] or telephonically on 01415522144.