RCS Haven

Graduation 2018

The festival for the end of the 2017/18 Academic year will be held on 16'th June 2018.
Following our tradition of this achievement, together we will celebrate the end of the academic year with; a mini concert which we will all enjoy; award certificates, as well as gifts, to the numerous competition winners.
We will be congratulating our most senior class on a successful completion of their secondary level of Russian studies in Scotland, which is coming to an end with passing an examination of GCE Russian language.
Graduates will be awarded a special Diploma as well as exclusive presents in recognition of their achievement.
Some of them will continue their education in the new year as part of a two-year program of preparation for the exam in the Russian language GCE Russian A level

The final day of school will end with tea and cake to celebrate, where everyone will be invited to have a chat with the teachers and parents about our school and the future plans for our next academic year!