RCS Haven

Russian poetry and prose at RCS Haven’s Russian School

Literature Lounge opens its doors again for everybody who is interested in Russian poetry and prose at RCS Haven’s Russian School (Adelphi Centre 12 Commercial Rd, Glasgow G5 0PQ) at 11:30 am.

Russian Saturday school students will declaim poems written by S. Marshak, A. Pushkin and other famous Russian authors. This year international literary contest “Live Classics” participants will read prose of children’s writers as S. Chorny, I. Pivovarova and V.Zelesnyakov.

It is widely known, that in Russian culture literature and fine art are tightly connected and complement each other. Therefore, the Literature Lounge will host a themed drawing workshop for young artists and guests. The upcoming Mother Day and Spring are the main themes for inspiration.
Also, the winners of school art competition “The world through the eyes of a child” will be announced.
Anybody who wants to take part in the competition should bring their works to Russian Saturday School at the address stated above (Artworks can be handled to the school teachers or parent’s committee).
We are looking forward to seeing you!