RCS Haven

An exhibition of paintings "Three Generations"

 RCS Haven continues its tradition of hosting art exhibitions which show works by artists of different generations which are united by the same idea of conservation of the Russian art heritage.

This exposition includes works by the pupils of the art studio and the Russian school of RCS Haven. It's the second exhibition of pupils' works and it shows their progress.

The middle generation is represented by the works of the artists who live in Glasgow but keep their connections with the Russian school of art.

Paintings by Maria Yaroshenko who kept working even at the age of 98 display the art as a way to a long and active life. The third part of the exhibition is dedicated to her memory.


Monday 14th February - Monday 14th March


You can have a look at the exposition and purchase the works you like, as well as get more information about the art studio and enrol your child (the first lesson is free).

RCS Haven

11 Duke Street

G4 0UL Glasgow