RCS Haven

Santander team brightens up RCS Haven with redecoration day

On behalf of all members and guests of RCS Haven we would like to express our gratitude to the staff of Santander’s Glasgow office for repainting our premises. Further details are below, in the official press-release of the bank:
Last week, ten Santander employees put on their painting overalls as part of Santander’s ‘Community Days’ initiative. On 11 May, the staff from Santander’s Glasgow office spent a day repainting the RCS Haven, including the main hall, office and bathrooms.
“We are delighted to be able to provide practical support to such a worthwhile project as the local RCS Haven by giving it a bit of a face lift. We hope the redecoration is enjoyed by everyone who uses the centre.” says Gillian Campbell, Telephone Business Development Manager, Glasgow. “Such projects are at the heart of our Community Days initiative.”
RCS Haven was set up to help people from minority ethnic backgrounds integrate into Scottish Society and works in particular with members of the Russian speaking community in Scotland.
Through Santander’s ‘Community Days’ programme, an estimated 1,300 members of staff will take part in community volunteering events across the UK this year. Projects include conservation, regeneration and working with local schools. Santander staff will also be involved in a number of fundraising activities to raise funds for their nominated Charity of the Year, Alzheimer’s Society.