RCS Haven E-Bulletin – July 2020

Greetings, and welcome to our bulletin full of information on exciting Russian events. 

RCS Haven is welcoming anyone who is interested in studying Russian language, literature and culture. We have English and Russian language lessons. There are a library, Art studio for children and Science club.
Also, the Centre provides consultations in law, finance and other aspects of work and business in Russia and Britain. 

In 2020-2021, we offer a mixed learning program combining traditional classes and online lessons. You can specify which is preferable for your child.
Our school offers an end-to-end training program, starting from students of 2 years and until obtaining A Level Russian certificate. You can look at the training program in more detail on our channel.
Traditional classes will be held on Saturdays from 11.00 to 14.00 at the address: Adelphi Centre, 12 Commercial Road, Glasgow G5 0PQ. There is a large sports centre nearby with free parking.
You can contact us by phone 01415522144 or email [email protected] 

EDEXCEL has confirmed the 2020 school year exams. Since 2016, RCS Haven is the only accredited centre in Scotland eligible to take private candidates for the exams. Our teachers use the latest EDEXCEL materials, available only to accredited centres. On average, our students get the highest marks.
In July, we will begin registration of students wishing to study under the GCSE and A Level Russian programs for sitting the exams in 2021. Classes will be held in a mixed mode, combining online and traditional classes. Candidates must pass tests to enroll in a class.
If you would like to join, email us at [email protected] 

Online classes for adults continue through the summer online on Wednesdays.
A group of beginners study from 17-00 to 18-00, a group of advanced study from 18-00 to 19-30.
Our teachers prepare students and take exams in the following fields: Russian for Life and Work Level 3 and level 4 (Registration number SQA 3014177), as well as GCSE and GCE A Level in Russian (Registration number EDEXCEL - 70233).
Classes for students of Russian for total beginners will begin in September, if you want to sign up for classes, email us at [email protected]

Our Online Summer Camp is open from July 4 to August 1.
Summer school is a fun activity with very useful game techniques.
And, of course, no homework!
For the younger students they will last one hour, for all other classes - 2 hours.
If your children would like to join, email us at [email protected]

The centre RCS Haven is launching a new project - our YouTube channel.
On it, our teachers, children and parents will talk about the latest news.
Want to know when the results of summer 2020 exams will be announced?
What was the end of this school year like?
What's new in the school year 2020-2021,
subscribe to our YouTube channel.


RCS Haven is looking for Russian and Chess teachers for the Saturday school.
Also, we are looking for volunteers.
The job search facility on the RCS Haven website collects vacancies from British and Russian employers. It can be accessed by clicking here


01 -21 July
Christie’s Russian Art sale offers a curated selection of paintings and works of art, chiefly sourced from private collections and covering over four centuries of art history.
Online Event

Anastassia, a lovely host with Belarus origins, delivers a cooking master classes and proposes to taste the typical Russian meal accompanied by real vodka from Belarus. Pre-booking essential!
Musica Nova Academy with the support from the Rossotrudnichestvo in the UK, is presenting the 8th edition of the “A New World of Talents” project. The project includes an online concert platform for the performance of talented compatriots, singing, instrumental performance master classes, music lectures and online musical theater classes. The first concert of the summer edition will be held on July 4 at 11.30am with the participation of students of Musica Nova Academy and special guests of the program. The audience will make a fascinating music and poetry journey through countries and continents. The concert program will feature performances by young debutants, as well as laureates of international festivals and Academy teachers. Online Event

Pushkin House presents the series of ZOOM events dedicated to discussion of the most interesting and topical books, nominated for Pushkin House Book Prize 2020. “The Return of the Russian Leviathan” is a collection of Sergei Medvedev’s essays, the Russian historian and political scientist, written between 2014 and 2017 and dedicated to the key political, social and historical topics most acutely discussed in Russian society. It is a fascinating story about power and society within the third presidency of Putin and a sharp sociological commentary to the incidents of 2014-2017.  
Online Event

Pushkin House presents the series of ZOOM events dedicated to discussion of the most interesting and topical books, nominated for Pushkin House Award 2020.
Kate Brown is a historian at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She undertakes a study on the issues of environment protection and nuclear energy use.   An astonishing historical detective story, “Manual for Survival” makes clear the irreversible impact of nuclear energy on every living thing, not just from Chernobyl, but from eight decades of radiaoactive fallout from weapons development.
Online Event

This event is part of ‘Tsars on Wight’ — the series of events to celebrate Russian and Romanov links on the Isle of Wight, taking place in 2021. Inspired by the publication of ‘Island & Empires — Romanov Russia, Britain and the Isle of Wight’ by Stephen Roman and published by Medina Books IOW in July 2021. Online Event

Musica Nova Academy with the support from the Rossotrudnichestvo in the UK opens the online International Summer Music School:
- Music lectures and master classes Tuesdays from 5.00pm – 6.00pm  
- Online concert platform and Zoom meeting afterwards with participants and organisers
Thursdays from 5.00pm – 6.00pm  
Disciplines: singing, instrumental playing, acting 
- Online Musical Theatre
Saturdays 12.00pm – 12.45pm (singing) and 12.45pm – 1.30pm (acting)  
- Supplementary programme: “Music Wonderland” for young artists 4 -7 years old
Tuesdays and Saturdays 11.00am – 11.45am
Musica Nova Academy, Online Event

Russian Siberian Symphony Orchestra plays great Russian symphonic music. Three romantic classics make up the programme: Rachmaninov's second piano concerto, Tcahikovsky's fourth symphony and Glinka's Overture. Pre-booking essential! Perth Concert Hall - Horsecross Arts Ltd, Mill Street, Perth, Perth and Kinross, PH1 5HZ

14 July, 18:00 – 19:00
At the end of 1830 Pushkin wrote several masterpieces, including “A Feast In Time of Plague”, describing three months of quarantine during a pandemic of Asiatic cholera.
Pushkin House offers a rare chance to hear a rehearsed reading of this extraordinary piece by five actors, complete in a translation by Antony Wood.
Pre-booking essential!
Pushkin House,
Online Event

Hugh Piper, Country Manager
Sergio Basto, Sales & Operations Director Manpower
Mikhail Tuzov, Head of Business Intelligence and Solutions.
Online Event

22 July, 08:00
The coronavirus pandemic has created a number of challenges with its far-reaching impacts on financial and commodities markets. The economic forecasts vary, although, one thing remains certain: for mining companies, it could also present rare financing opportunities that will become available as supply and demand stabilise and the global economy begins to recover.
For the mining sector willing to see the opportunities in the current crisis Moore ST will answer the following:
1. What are the consequences and how to capitalize on opportunities?
2. Where to raise finance? How to select an exchange?
3. How to be ready once the opportunities arise?
4. Which listing factors should be taken into consideration?
Maxim Sobokarev, Partner, Head of Consulting Services for Mining companies, Moore ST Moscow
Elena Tikhnenko, Head of Supervisory Board, Moore ST London

22 July, 14:00
Chris Weafer, Chief Executive Officer / General Director, Macro Advisory
Online Event

28 July, 18:00 – 19:30
Pushkin House presents the series of ZOOM events dedicated to discussion of the most interesting and topical books, nominated for Pushkin House Book Prize 2020.
In 1965 Mikhail Sholokhov’s epic novel, Quiet Don, was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in history. Thanks to the opening of Russia’s archives, Brian Boeck discovers that Sholokhov’s official Soviet biography is actually a tangled web of legends, half-truths, and contradictions. Boeck examines the complex connection between an author and Stalin, revealing how a Stalinist courtier became an ideological acrobat and consummate politician in order to stay in favor and remain relevant after the dictator’s death.
Pre-booking essential!
Pushkin House, Online Event


Thank you for reading this bulletin; we hope you have found it interesting, useful and enjoyable. If you have any news or events that you would like us to highlight in future editions, please contact us at the address below.

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